You have a business to run. It is unique, has a system of processes from day to day and relies on yours and your employees’ hard work to function properly. Hard work is something to admire, but what if you had a system that made all that hard work even more efficient and effective? This is where Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Adaptive Business Solutions provide the piece of the puzzle that has been missing in your business.

It is safe to assume that you know who Microsoft is; they provide user friendly, well-known, reliable programs and systems that make your day-to-day tasks easier. From Word to Excel to Outlook, and many other programs, Microsoft creates software masterpieces that a lot of business men and women cannot function without. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is another one of those tools that many businesses cannot function without.

The standard base of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is something that every business should have. With Core Modules such as Financial Management, Sales and Marketing, Service Management, etc. you can see that the essentials have been taken care of out-of-the-box. Beyond the core modules, NAV can be customized to fit YOUR business, YOUR specific processes and YOUR needs. Plus, there are a variety of Add On modules that can be catered to your business out-of-the-box or as customized as you need them. It is as simple as that.

Think of the most complex business process that your organization undertakes on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Thinking of it? Does it make your brain hurt to contemplate the many steps and possible deviations of that process to get to the final end result? Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Adaptive Business Solutions has you covered. We will talk to you about the complexities of your business and integrate them into the capabilities and functionality of this great ERP system.

We have the tools to help make your business powerful. Invest some of your time with us to see what Microsoft Dynamics NAV can do for your business and we promise a great return on your investment.