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Jobs and project management features have been enhanced in the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Work in Process (WIP): As a critical aspect of the jobs and project management functionality, this feature makes monitoring easier and improves interactions with financial reporting as shown:

  • Create and define WIP.
  • All jobs have the option to define treatment of WIP in all jobs such as setting up a default WIP method for your company.
  • In the Job WIP Cockpit, users can track and calculate WIP predictions. In the WIP Cockpit, users are able to calculate and post these predictions to the General Ledger and show warnings for predicted problems with a WIP calculation.

Service Usage Tracking: Jobs and services can be tracked in terms of usage and consumption. The project manager can use this tool to track which jobs have been completed and which have yet to be completed. This gives the project manager insight into the remaining timeframe of the project based on predetermined needs and expectations. Job planning lines and job ledger can be linked via a relationship in usage if the project manager uses this “Usage Link” field added in NAV 2013.

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