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The following information will give you a quick overview of the added functionality that is available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 in the area of Warehouse Management.

Inventory Movements: Mainly for internal department usage, this warehouse document is used to move items to and from internal departments, ie product and service departments. Posting occurs as consumption, shipment, etc.

  • Inventory Movements resemble inventory picks and put-away, but also differ as shown:
    • Pick and put-away are represented by a take line and place line
    • Inventory movements cannot be posted, however they can be registered as warehouse entries. The related source document is updated when registered.

Dedicated Bins: Default bin structures can be set up and organized with locations or machines and work centers to manage the flow of items in and out of an internal operation area. These items are still part of availability until they are consumed. Bins can be dedicated so that the contents are secured for a particular machine center. This ensures that they are not consumed by another internal resource.

Integration to Service Orders: Service lines can function as source document lines for picking to shipment. After a service line is released to shipment, the warehouse handling involved in picking and shipment posting, the service order follows the same flow as for other documents.

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