Most “Second Tier ERP” systems have almost identical sets of features and an integrated development environment that allows for improving the system with additional functionality. Microsoft went even further: they have unified the user interface between all product lines and it will be practically impossible for end users to see the difference. In this environment, the most important challenge is selecting a system that has an available vertical solution for your specific market that will cover over 90% of company business process “out of the box,” and easy to modify to cover the additional 10%.

We have selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV (previously Navision) as the base solution platform for the Agile Implementation Methodology. Dynamics NAV is the most flexible and easily modifiable system in the Microsoft family. Over 120,000 companies are using the system around the world and this number is growing about 20% per year. Over 1000 vertical and horizontal solutions have been released by partners that cover almost every industry. This makes Dynamics NAV the perfect choice for the Agile Implementation Methodology.

Why do organizations work with ERP software solutions? They allow business processes and user communication to run more efficiently and effectively.

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