Over the years we have developed a methodology that is built around “Agile” and “Lean” principles for ERP implementations. Our main priority is providing continual and immediate value to our customers starting from the first sales demo and continually throughout the life of the project. We constantly review our methodology to eliminate any possible “waste” activities and reduce implementation time.

We recognize that it is impossible and counterproductive to make and follow a comprehensive project plan. Constantly changing the business environment will make the plan outdated faster that it can be finished. Our implementation is based on a daily prioritized task list with the aim to reduce time to “go-live” and maximize value to the customer. Tasks are divided into categories based on the business requirements and each task is assigned four measures – implementation time, implementation costs, short term value, long term value. Based on these parameters, tasks get prioritized to minimize negative cash flow from the implementation. At the same time the project team and company management has a clear picture of what impact each decision will make to a short and long term value from the project.

We have selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the base for our development. Navision is one of the best suited systems for Agile Implementations. Over 50,000 companies are using Navision around the world. Hundreds of vertical and horizontal solutions have been developed that support unique requirements for most of the industries. At the same time Dynamics NAV has an internal development environment that allows tailoring the system in a matter of minutes based on specific requirements from the customer.

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