Industrial equipment companies have long recognized the value of efficient manufacturing practices, and today, the rise of globalization makes achieving operational efficiency even more important. With globalization comes more competition, stringent regional compliance regulations, and more diverse customer demands. For companies that are not operating efficiently, all this can mean a decrease in profits.

But for the savvy manufacturer, globalization can mean new opportunities to increase revenue by providing services, extending business into new regions, or supporting product end-of-life. How can you take advantage of these opportunities without sacrificing efficiency and profit?

Successful companies are capitalizing on technology to improve operations from request for quotation (RFQ) to product end-of-life and a flexible, adaptable business management solution — such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV — is the cornerstone of their strategy.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated business management solution specially designed for growing small and midsize companies. It is ideal for companies looking for a solution they can implement rapidly, learn and use easily, and customize and maintain with minimal disruption to their business.

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